Highland City is a remarkable place. The people make Highland unique with strong family values, fiscally conservative approaches, and expectation for government to preserve their rights. ENGAGED LEADERSHIP

I want to provide you the same kind of representation I have come to expect from elected officials. I expect them to be forthcoming with where they stand on issues, be willing to engage the public, hear counter arguments, and be transparent in their service.

Engaged leadership means I will be upfront with where I stand on issues.  I have a long history of actively engaging people on both sides of issues. This active engagement informs me of the people and ideas behind an issue and helps me make a properly informed principled position.  As Highland City Mayor, I will bring a proven history of active engagement to the office.




Ultimately, we the people have a responsibility to ensure our representatives are doing the work we want them to do.  Transparency is a critical part of what we should expect from our government on all levels.  I have been discussing the issues concerning Highland for years on my blog. I invite you to look back through the years of writing and interactions with the public.  You will find an absolute commitment to engaged leadership.

I have been honored to serve Highland City as a Republican Caucus Chair, Delegate, and City Councilman. As a citizen, I love Highland City, its people, values, and look forward to working with you on building a future we all can be proud of.




city budget

Safe roads are one of the most basic responsibilities of a local government. We all benefit from well maintained roads. How we pay for them is where the debate has come. I have worked towards making efficient use of the funds we have available.  Going forward, we need to ensure that we maintain a rolling 5 year plan. As Mayor, I would recommend a budget which reflects the best long-term use of funds for residents. I support the funding request needed to bring our roads back into good condition so that we can maintain them at a relative low cost over the long term.





The residents have spoken loud and clear that would like Highland to remain a large lot community. I support this. We currently have 3 standard zones in Highland. R-1-40, R-1-30, and R-1-20. The median lot size for each zone for developments approved since 2014 are 0.75 acres, 0.58 acres, and 0.46 acres respectively. The median lot size for Highland as a whole is 0.47 acres. I support using the R-1-30 (average lot size 0.6 acres) zone in place of R-1-20 (average lot size 0.47) for transition areas or other areas with with special circumstances.



You balance your family budget each month and you should expect your city leaders to protect and wisely manage your tax dollars. Keeping an open, transparent process ensures wise fiscally conservative planning.  We are recovering from debt spending policies of the past.  Now is the time to recommit to a pay as you go approach.  As Mayor, I will continue our established process for ensuring that associated fees cover costs. As Highland grows, we need to adjust accordingly.  I will support a plan to revisit 10 year plans, each year, to ensure we are on track.






•City Council member since Jan 2014


•Two term Republican precinct chair, state and county delegate


•Worked in large corporations and technology startups.


•Served on several Utah County Republican Committees


•Alternate member of the Lone Peak Public Safety Board

•Member of N. County Animal Shelter Board

•35 years in the IT industry: Software Engineer, Consultant, Marketing and Business Development Vice President. Problem solver: frequently used to fix stalled or failing projects

•Managed teams of 5 to 70 people. Revenue responsibility for up to 200 million.
•Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster, Unit Commissioner.

As Highland City Mayor, I will continue to improve transparency, continue to provide access to local and state leaders and continue to make decisions based on solid information.

This approach is the foundation for addressing issues facing Highland.

Some of the immediate issues confronting the community includes

Road Repair, the East West Connector and Zoning issues (lot size, density, commercial, open spaces, parks and trails).


Working together, we can continue to make Highland City a great home for our citizens.




Renee Braddy

Vern May

Ron & Kelli Campbell

Audrey Wright

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